Founder and CEO of eFatoora, Yasmine Khan is Announced Finalist for New Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Middle East Economic Digest SME Awards

Yasmine Khan has been selected as one of the finalists in the annual Gulf Capital SME Awards, a recognition programme honouring the success, innovation and growth of entrepreneurs, business leaders and small businesses in the UAE.


Out of thousands of entries, Yasmine Khan, CE0 and Founder of eFatoora was selected by an esteemed panel of judges in the New Entrepreneur of the Year category.

In simple terms, it can be said that an Entrepreneur is someone who identifies a gap in the market and fulfills same by launching a product or service to fill the void in the market. The definition makes the process seem simple and easy, but they journey of a true entrepreneur is far more challenging than defined. Yasmine Khan, CEO/Founder of eFatoora, a Dubai based company founded in March 2017 started her journey of Entrepreneurship from the very day the eFatoora idea was born back in 2014. It’s her persistent progression toward innovative solutions to key problems and the constant hunger for making things better that drives the core ethos of eFatoora.

eFatoora is a smart, sustainable solution offering an effortless, non-disruptive experience to consumers. The eFatoora application contributes significantly in reducing carbon footprint as millions of tonnes of paper is wasted in printing unwanted receipts and documents. eFatoora is a turnkey management system that compliments efforts of Vision 2021 and fully support Dubai’s Paperless mandate.

Taking the drive further Yasmine Khan launched sister product of eFatoora, e-Mal a Smart Financial Services Platform based on the blockchain. She has seamlessly linked the eFatoora concept of paperless receipt to a digital wallet platform which creates a full end to end user experience and connects retailers, financial services sectors and various segments of the economy in a secured and efficient manner. eFatoora announces e-Mal’s official launch on the 16th July 2018, marking its footprint in the Year of Zayed with pride and commitment to UAE’s National Agenda.

The major criterion for short listing New Entrepreneurs 2018 finalists was around the drive and about leadership in the workplace. When asked about factors that drive motivation and drive in the team Yasmine Khan stated – “to be a successful entrepreneur one must have the ability to recognise and analyse an opportunity and capture the value to get to the final goal. It’s not always about who comes to the market first, but more about who understands the value proposition to key stakeholders. I believe when we talk about stakeholders, our employees/staff form a part of that. I think at the core of leadership lies the ability to delegate responsibilities and let your team feel they are contributing to the life cycle of the product. That creates ownership and passion for the product. There is always a debate about if someone is a born leader, I believe that it’s about balance. When you treat your team as one of the core stakeholders, there is automatically a sense of belonging and ownership created”.

Both eFatoora and e-Mal, with the support and drive of their leadership teams march ahead with passion towards their end goal in adding value to UAE’s National Agenda 2021.


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