E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Signs Exclusive With Telecom Leaders Exacte

e-Mal, launched by eFatoora and based in Dubai, UAE, is delighted to announce strategic collaboration and an invaluable partnership with Exacte Communications.

Exacte Communications provides over 600 million minutes of airtime on a monthly basis with partnerships with 400 other telecom providers spread over 120 countries.

e-Mal is not just another financial product. We aim to create a smart financial hub on blockchain converting a whole free-zone into a digitally empowered district. We have a fully fledged roadmap with huge partners who have supported us and empower our vision and products. e-Mal was born following the green initiatives of eFatoora and as a collaboration, we aim to create a huge impact supporting the Smart Dubai vision of 2021 with partners like Exacte Communications.

e-Mal has aligned next-generation technology and green initiatives to build a smart and eco-friendly city run on the blockchain with end-to-end solutions. e-Mal’s target market is vast and varied in scope – meaning everyone can be a customer. e-Mal’s product range supports Smart Loans, Smart Savings, International and Local Remittances, Peer-to-Peer transactions, airtime, top-up and a utility hub all in one place and at cost-efficient rates, making this partnership with Exacte Communications invaluable. e-Mal’s vision and mission are to create a full-fledged ecosystem which forms a whole new infrastructure allowing traditional financial transactions to take place in a more efficient, cost-effective, secure manner using the speed and technology of the blockchain.

“To be successful in the fintech sphere, we must be agile and open to transformation. It’s not about creating a product and just placing it in the market, but it’s about creating a secure trusted platform with partnerships that offer our customers reliable and innovative products that are cost-effective and efficient. This partnership allows us to offer airtime and top-ups at the most competitive pricing in the market. We are privileged to have Exacte Communications on board with us and look forward to a collaborative partnership and mutual success. Exacte Communications is a world-renowned brand and we are privileged to be a part of their journey in the UAE,” said Yasmine Khan CEO/founder E-Mal/eFatoora.

Dubai has now set its sights on being the first city built on blockchain by the year 2020. e-Mal supports the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and the adoption of the blockchain, as it would help the government prepare for future challenges and contribute to saving AED11 billion spent annually on document transactions and documents and 77 million hours of work, and reducing government documents by 389 million and saving 1.6 billion kilometres spent driving. The UAE plan includes four pillars focusing on citizen and resident happiness, government efficiency, advanced legislation and global entrepreneurship.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnered with e-Mal and eFatoora for the GCC region. This partnership propels our roadmap and opens up the market. We are one of the largest telecom providers in the USA, with alliances in 120 other countries making us competitive and capable to gain majority market shares. We look forward to a prosperous and mutually beneficial strategic alliance with our new partners for the GCC,” said President of Exacte Communications Will Exacte.

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