Bid goodbye to your paper receipts with this app

eFatoora offers a digital receipt via its mobile application

eFatoora, a smart and sustainable solution, is being launched in Dubai following lab testing and pilots with key partners in the UAE. eFatoora offers an effortless, non-disruptive experience to consumers.

The eFatoora app will contribute significantly in reducing the carbon footprint as millions of tonnes of paper is wasted in unwanted receipts and documents.

“eFatoora offers a digital receipt via our mobile application, and for those without a smartphone, digital receipts can be uploaded to the dedicated web portal or existing NFC, QR or bar code loyalty cards. More commonly, there is also an e-mail version. eFatoora is a turnkey management system that compliments the efforts of Vision 2021,” Yasmine Khan, CEO, eFatoora, said.

Modern technologies continue to transform retail in order to address consumers’ demand for more convenience and improved experience. Moreover, retailers are ready to spend on their consumer experience teams and technologies to develop a better understanding of their customers and pacing to fulfil the expectations of an increasingly digital customer base.

“eFatoora is a ‘plug-and-play’ system that offers seamless integration for retailers, government departments, the hotel industry, healthcare and the security sector,” Khan said.

“We are currently in final stage discussions with key partners for the implementation of the eFatoora platform,” he added.

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